20th March 2018

Scene Analysis: Act 2 Scene 4

1.”By Jupiter, i swear no”

Jupiter is the King of King’s and therefore, it is like saying “I swear on God”. He is the main King in the story, and therefore to swear on him, he would not lie as it could end in big consequence.

2. “They could not, would not do ‘t. Tis worse than murder. To do upon respect such violent outrage.”

They are relating the problem of the King to murder as if it’s worse than murder. Murder is the biggest crime you could commit, and therefore having a problem that they think is greater than this is unreal. Cornwall and Regan put Kent to the stocks. Lear is complaining about the outrage that Kent is in the stocks. He compares this incident to murder using the words violent outrage, as if they should be on the death penalty as they have done something to hurt the King. This is insulting since Lear still controls his title as King but Cornwall and Regan don’t respect him anymore for his title. As a King, nothing should be done to hurt him, and therefore since Cornwall and Regan are, he is looking for punishment.



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  1. Jake, I like that you are beginning to hone in on specific phrases (“violent outrage”) and examining what they could indicate. This is exactly the right approach for Shakespeare. You are also starting to read the play from an Elizabethan point of view.

    Please ensure this task is finished off over the next week.


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