There are many references to “nature” and “fortune” in this scene. Make a list of all the quotes (not the speeches, just the relevant bits) that refer to either of these words? There are plenty of references in this scene. Another word for fortune is fate, which is defined as “the development of events outside […]

The Chain of being is also referred to as the great chain of being. Its concept is the nature of the universe had influenced on the western thought. This was through the ancient Greeks during the European Renaissance in the 17th century and early 18th century. There are many levels of the Chain of being […]

1.”By Jupiter, i swear no” Jupiter is the King of King’s and therefore, it is like saying “I swear on God”. He is the main King in the story, and therefore to swear on him, he would not lie as it could end in big consequence. 2. “They could not, would not do ‘t. Tis […]

Timeline: In the early stages of Kent and Gloucester are thinking to who the King will believe as the best ruler of the kingdom’s wealth, when Kent is impressed by Gloucester’s son, never mind that Edmund is a son who’s mother Gloucester represent as being of little worth. King Lear appears with his daughters and […]

Irony is defined as “the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.” There is a lot of irony found in the story ‘King Lear. This includes of the first part, but the dramatic irony is finally realised at the end of the story. The king […]